Oranga Rising

The project continued the work of our previous work around lowering the social supply of alcohol to young people with a more general view to work on the harmful effects of alcohol on all whānau – still within Oranga.

Our Rākau Tautoko practitioner Ren, worked through the second half of 2019 to support five organisations based in Oranga to develop an initiative each on alcohol harm reduction. Alongside these initiatives, a community of practice was created, with the same goal in mind which included any other interested parties in the community.

  • Each of the initiatives (and organisations) was supported by Rākau Tautoko on a weekly basis to strengthen the initiatives and the organisations themselves, to be the best they can be. These initiatives included,

  • Alongside the individual initiatives, a community of practise – around lowering the harmful effects of alcohol – has been built within the community, spearheaded by the five organisations and supported by Rākau Tautoko. This Community of Practice looks to continue this community-led project, working against the harmful effects of alcohol and raising wellbeing of whānau through 2020 and beyond!


This project was funded by the Health Promotion Agency and Ren has been supported throughout by staff of CAYAD (Auckland Council).

Timeframe: June 2019 – February 2020

Other Key Organisations involved:

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