Riverside Capability Building + Rent Smart

Our lovely Rākau Tautoko practitioner Jo has been supporting the growth of the Panamasians (based in the Riverside Community Centre) to learn how to run basic workshops, network, plan and deliver.

With Jo, the Panamasian Facilitator has been developing and delivering alongside external key facilitators the Rent Smart programme at the Riverside Community Centre. This is a 6 week programme focusing on supporting individuals to have greater understanding of their rights and obligations as tenants, also how to increase their opportunities in being successful in obtaining a rental property.

The project also focusses on developing the capability of the Panamasians as a newly formed charitable trust, and providing mentoring for the next steps for their trust.

The programme includes info on,

  • Maintaining a warm dry healthy home 
  • Money Management
  • Tenants rights and responsibilities
  • How to find a house
  • How to apply for a rental
  • Financial assistance
  • From renting to owning


Timeframe: June 2019 – Current

Other Key Organisations involved:

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