Our Purpose

We aspire to strengthen community members to be the best tuakana they can be within the relationships that they develop and grow.


1. (noun) tuakana-teina relationship is an integral part of Te Ao Māori, providing a model for ongoing learning. An older or more expert tuakana (originally a brother, sister or cousin) helps and guides a younger or less expert teina (originally a younger sibling or cousin of the same gender). In a community environment that recognises the value of ako (learning) and tautoko (support), the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time. For example, the student who yesterday was the expert on codesign and explained the process may need to learn from her fellow community member today about how the local community groups connect and engage with each other.

Our Impact

Over 2017Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 9.28.45 pm.png

  • We facilitated 7 x community led projects.
  • 8 x different practitioners have worked on those projects in varying levels
  • We have also supported the development and growth of an additional 6 x community projects

The facilitated projects have been:

  • Capability Building Workshop Series
  • The Reclaim Project
  • Technical Training Programme
  • East Week ‘Step up, Speak out’
  • TIES Co-Design Process and Redevelopment
  • Hapai Te Hauora Smokefree Youth Pledge Co-Design
  • Lowering Social Supply Project

The supported projects have been:

  • Leadership New Zealand Programme
  • The Down Syndrome and Other Conditions Advisory Group
  • United Sustainable Sisters Outreach
  • Master Classes on Co-Design with The Southern Initiative
  • The HEART Movement Change Agent and Whānau Conversations
  • The Early Years Hub with Tāmaki Redevelopment Company

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Flavell one of the Rākau Tautoko community development members.  I must say her knowledge and willingness to bring quality community development to Maungakiekie was inspiring and so needed.” 

– Community worker

Through out those projects, we have;

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 9.56.03 pm.png

This was developed through;

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 9.29.05 pm.png

“Excellent few days and loved how it was brought together with real examples. Some excellent and inspiring work!”

– Participant at a Masterclass on CoDesign

Measuring our Impact

Our impact is measured short term and long term. When we work with individuals, organisations, and the whole community – every engagement we have, we see small results. As we go, we gather numbers and thoughts from each engagement. This helps us to figure out how to measure our impact overall, we will share this information annually.

“Excellent, I got exactly what I needed!”
Participant at a community workshop

Stakeholder Feedback


“Being a part of Rakau tautoko has helped me earn and learn as an entrepreneur. Having recently transitioned out of my job, my partner and I created a plan to give me time to focus on developing my business aspirations. Doing work for Rakau Tautoko has helped me develop skills I needed such as admin and co-ordination while earning money to help provide financial aid for my family. This process reduces the stress caused by being and entrepreneur and trying to figure out how you will make a living. This was helped by being apart of community of other practitioners as I was able to gain knowledge and skills in different areas. Led by Tara, there are many people who are willing to help you with your journey making it easier to navigate the complexities of creating your own business.”

– Tyrone 

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a practitioner this year.  I have enjoyed doing some community work and realizing how transferable my skills can be, particularly my accounting skills, and it has been good to use them in a different way and see potential opportunities for using them in the future.  The role has provided me with opportunities for self-growth, specifically doing the financial literacy presentations and helping run the monthly meetings.  It has been good to combine this with my other work at Foodbox, although it has definitely tested my time management skills.  It has been a good learning experience, such as learning about social enterprises and how they work.  There were other opportunities for learning, such as social marketing and marketing of events which I probably wasn’t quite ready for this year, although it was good to have these opportunities available.  You have been very supportive during the Reclaim project and it has been a great experience working with you on this.”

– Nikki


“Tara and Nikki have been really great people to deal with. They are very knowledgeable and after any meeting with them I always leave feeling very positive and uplifted. Rākau Tautoko helped our social enterprise run our first workshop and right from the first mention of the idea of the workshop there was support and positive encouragement. Well done and thanks Rākau Tautoko!” 

James from Resource Rescue


“I believe that this collective is a great idea and brings a lot of strengths and new way of working in Tāmaki.  It is a leadership group and I see that you are doing some great work.  From HEART Movement perspective it is a very valuable relationship.  You deliver on what you promise and as a collective you are open and straightforward in your approach.  I wish the collective all the best for the coming year and hope it strengthens and grows further.”

– Nandita from The HEART Movement

“Youth Connections have worked with Rākau Tautoko for the last eight months. We provided funding and a framework of a project plan (budgets, timelines etc) to work with to deliver outcomes improving work readiness with a group of young people and supporting them into meaningful pathways (employment and education). During the time working with them, there have been challenges that the programme has faced, but they have worked extremely hard and acted professionally and diligently to overcome these. For example, there was a change in the staff they had allocated to deliver the programme, due to a member of the collective getting a contract of employment elsewhere. We know this is a risk and a challenge when we work with small to medium sized organisations (we don’t have the means or remit to fund members of staff full time), but as a partner they communicated this early, provided a plan and then delivered the project. Youth Connections work with a lot of partners across Auckland, some of the things we look for are innovation, clear lines of communication, accountability and reporting, collaboration and community networks, and Rākau Tautoko have been fantastic on all of these aspects. We really look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Patrick from Youth Connections

“We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with (Ren/Rākau Tautoko) within our school… We were provided opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have had, that increased the knowledge and mana of our (students/rangatahi).

The positive impact of the relationship between our school and Rākau Tautoko has been widespread – from working with our Peer Sexuality Support Program and supporting the work that they do educating their fellow students about safety when partying and education around alcohol consumption; to involvement with our Whānau Advisory Group meetings; to providing support for Whaea (Des) and our rangatahi on the marae, and in some cases life-changing opportunities – working together to provide rich cultural experiences that our young people have never had the opportunity to participate in and experience.”

– Hannah Buchanan (Guidance Counsellor, One Tree Hill College)




“Rākau Tautoko is a partner organisation that offers outstanding expertise, cultural awareness and sensitivity and encouragement to community groups.  We need more of it in Oranga… I have seen the natural rapport you and Jo build with ease with those in our orbit… I would like to see more one on one mentoring with partner organisations especially for start-ups.”

– Jax from Oranga Community Centre

Financial Accounts

Here are our annual financial accounts for the year 2017-2018.

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