Lowering Social Supply Project

Our of our practitioners Ren, has undertaken a project that spanned more than two years with renewed funding over three phases. The aim was to lower the social supply of alcohol to young people in the community of Oranga – this meant coordinating the community in creating many different activities. Ren was supported by a practitioner from CAYAD (Auckland Council) for about half of the project.

This project took the form of three phases which followed the wants and needs of the community. The first two phases were around finding a direction from the community. The final phase was supporting ten different initiatives (from the same number of local organisations) which raised the wellbeing of whānau, therefore lowering the social supply of alcohol to young people.

The project concluded with ten different initiatives some of those being,

  • A short barista course for young people

  • Health promotions around alcohol in a high school

  • Healthy cooking classes for whanau in a preschool

  • A holistic young leadership programme from a youth hub

  • Strengthening the processes of a grassroots organisation who runs community youth programmes

  • An adult lock out event for young people to connect and converse about alcohol and its effects
  • Helping young people connect with te ao Māori through taonga pūoro

  • Assisting a high intensity youth programme based in matauranga Māori
  • Facilitating a Maungakiekie-wide workshop for practitioners that work with young people

This work has continued, you can see the progress here on our blog post for Oranga Rising


Timeframe: October 2017 – February 2019

Other Key Organisations involved:

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