Early Years Hub Consultation

We were approached by the Tāmaki Regeneration Company to conduct interviews and a group workshop as part of the scoping phase of the Co-Design creation for the Early Years Hub soon to be created in Tāmaki.

Three of our practitioners recruited for, then conducted a series of interviews with parents of young children in Tāmaki. We then facilitated a group workshop for participants to meet each other and share in a group setting, ideas for how the hub could work – and work best!

The key focus of the interviews were:

  • What is it like to be a parent of a young child/ children in Tāmaki? What are the great things? What could change? 

The key focus of the group workshop was:

  • Here is the key information that the interviews taught us about your experience.
  • What could an ideal Early Years Hub look like in Tāmaki?  


Timeframe: October 2018

Other Key Organisations involved:

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