Phenomenal Young Women

Phenomenal Young Women is a youth group for young women only, and creates spaces for young women in Tāmaki to connect. 

Twice a week, two wonderful facilitators (Latisha and Loma – being young women themselves!) run the sessions and create hang out spots for young women in Tāmaki to connect with each other. Mentoring support is given weekly to the facilitators from the Panmure Hall Coordinator and Paired Up Coordinator.

Youth-led activations that the young women decide on themselves – from gaming on Fortnite, to watching movies, to painting nails and doing facemasks, to dancing to Zumba. Every session is fun and engaging, and most importantly, led and decided by young women.

Find out more on the page here on our website, and the PYW website itself –


Timeframe: July 2018 – current

Other Key Organisations involved:

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