Whānau by Whānau Research

This work is with Tāmaki Response (a part of the Tāmaki Regeneration Programme) to understand the needs of people in Tāmaki to create a wrap around support service for whānau in high need. 

The Whānau by Whānau service will be for Tāmaki families who face complex and multiple problems, struggle to access the services and support they need, and want to make long-term, empowering changes in their lives.  The service will comprise a number of integrated elements.”

Rākau Tautoko practitioners undertook 18 in depth empathy interviews (between 1-3 hours long) covering themes with local whānau who have experienced or were experiencing crisis. 

Interviews were then transcribed by a third party followed by analysis and coding of interviews were undertaken by both Rākau Tautoko practitioners and the Tāmaki Response team. Insights and personas were developed from this process which have helped to shape the design of the Whānau to Whānau service.

Finally, two workshops were undertaken to gain feedback, update and inform the participants who did the interviews with us.


Timeframe: January 2019 – Current

Other Key Organisations involved:

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