SAP Mentoring

Rākau Tautoko was very lucky to be chosen by Ākina to receive two SAP employees on a Social Sabbatical for two weeks. Social Sabbatical is a pro-bono programme, which matches SAP employees with social enterprises that will benefit from their specialist skills and resources. Russell Martin and Ameet Balasubramanian joined Rākau Tautoko for the first two weeks of July 2018 to help develop the structures that are in place behind the scenes to enable Rākau Tautoko to work efficiently.


Over those two weeks, we learnt about Ruum and were given lifetime access to the online project management platform, to be able to continue to use it in any future projects. Rākau Tautoko was also able to help share feedback about Ruum, as it was still being developed at the time. Russell and Ameet continue to support Rākau Tautoko with regular catch ups, supporting Tara in particular in the next steps of Rākau Tautoko.

This collaboration also unlocked an opportunity for Rākau Tautoko to develop their Constitution, and attain access to lawyers for the formalisation of becoming a charitable entity.

Rākau Tautoko would like to give our thanks to SAP for allowing Russell and Ameet to work alongside us and continue to support our great work.

Here’s some articles about our sabbatical:

“Small Kiwi organisation helps steer a corporate tool to benefit community workers” – By

“Making an Impact”  – Published in Employment Today

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