Technical Training for Youth in Tāmaki

In April 2017, three of our staff supported the development, facilitation and delivery of the technical training programme. Together with a technical tutor, they piloted a collaborative way of working with young people aged 16-24 year olds from Tāmaki local board area, who are out of education, employment and training.

4 weeks – Design and recruitment lead-in

12 week – Programme

8 weeks – Post-programme support

Staff involved were:

1x Tutor (Pacific Underground)

Project Coordinators (Sam Tu’itahi and Candace Weir – both from Rākau Tautoko)

Pastoral and mentoring support (Sam Tu’itahi, Candace Weir, Jo Flavell – all from Rākau Tautoko)

  • The Technical Training Programme at Te Oro was a pilot programme based on a previous trial programme. Following recruitment and development phases of the programme, the 12 week programme consisted of 2 block classes each week (a total of 24 workshops) which covered topics relating to lighting, sound and staging for event delivery. This was led by an industry professional from Pacific Underground.

  • From the beginning of the programme, each of the participants was assigned a mentor to support their journey.

  • Throughout the programme, opportunities such as the Job Fest and industry visits were coupled with opportunities to gain certificates for Safety at Heights, Site Safety passports, Fire Warden and Driver’s Licences.



Timeframe: April 2017- March 2018

Other Key Organisations involved:

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