The Reclaim Project

Tara and Nikki worked together on the Reclaim Project to grow the community of waste based social enterprises through out both Maungakiekie and Tāmaki.

This project included,

  • Coordinating the key organisations involved in the project 

  • Build Tamaki WRAP’s experience and capacity in establishing and operating community-led resource recovery initiatives and enterprise in the area as a way of addressing various social issues.

  • Develop social and micro enterprises as a means for addressing various social issues within Tāmaki.

  • Instigate collaboration and partnerships between organisations committed to contributing positively to Tāmaki.

  • Running a series of Capability Building Workshops through out Tāmaki and Maungakiekie for our Waste Based Social Enterprises

  • Supporting the development and growth of Waste Based Social Enterprises

  • Working on securing a location that social enterprises could come together to work at, and learn from each other.


Timeframe: March 2017 – December 2017

Other Key Organisations involved:

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