Tāmaki Early Years Hub Study Tour

While completing a contract for Ministry of Social Development through the national SKIP team, Tara represented SKIP in The Tāmaki Early Years Hub Working Party. A part of that working party plan in 2016 was to identify what other best practice spaces there were Auckland wide and any exemplary hubs nation-wide.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 2.02.49 pm.png

Tara created a study tour around Auckland, gathered a highly recommended list of spaces to visit, coordinated those visits and reported back to the group suggestions to take into account when developing the hub that will be unique to Tāmaki. The report has been invaluable in it’s impact on the creation of the preliminary architect designs, and for the next steps into community engagement. The working party are aiming to ensure a co-design process of engagement now that the study tour report has identified the importance of community ownership.

Both of the reports can be read here –  Study Tour Sites and Study Tour Key Findings .

“Great piece of work, there are some valuable insights in there.”

– David Tucker, Tāmaki Redevelopment Company


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