The HEART Change Agents

Nandita – The HEART Movement Coordinator – approached Tara to become involved in supporting The HEART Change Agents mid-2016.

Change Agents are local community members who are wanting to share the message of The HEART Movement and support local Tāmaki whānau to grow loving, safe and supportive relationships.

Tara began her work with the Change Agents by connecting with some key Agents who were actively working in Tāmaki. Some key ideas were shared with Tara and from them: a plan to gather the Agents together to learn more about The HEART Movement, the theory of change and phases of work was created. That Change Agent Gathering was held in September and was very successful in supporting participants learning, growth and planning for the future.

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From there, ongoing support has been given individually including opportunities for creating family agreements to create individual whānau tikanga.

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