Kai Central Platform Launch

On 14th July 2022 we held our Kai Central soft launch with a small gathering, this also coincided with the wrapping up of our Kai Collective work and we were able to celebrate the end of this work together with the Kai Collective Leads from the community.

We signed up 30 – 50 beta users to begin using the site and trialling how it works, we were lucky to have their feedback as they used the site which helped us to figure out the best way to make the site work well for everyone involved moving forward.

Our Full Platform Launch was held on November 31st 2022. Philippa from The Good Fale ran everyone through the ins and outs of Kai Central and showcased the platform.

Kai Central is a digital platform focused on redesigning the food system in Aotearoa. The food system isn’t broken; it’s working exactly as it was designed to, and therein lies the opportunity for us all to redesign our food ecosystem together.

Kai Central gives us a place to redesign the food system together. It is an online digital space for sectors, stakeholders, and communities to engage, connect, learn and grow together around the journey and kaupapa of redesigning the food systems of today and the future. Ensuring a kai ecosystem where both people and the planet thrive. 

An online digital platform dedicated to redesigning the food system will enable:

  • A place to share and spotlight initiatives and projects leading the way to tackle food systems challenges and those at the forefront of innovation and opportunity. 
  • A place to learn and share resources.
  • A place to grow collaboration and collective action. 

Rākau Tautoko has been partnering with The Good Fale throughout the past years on this project and are now handing the leadership over to Philippa and Theresa at The Good Fale for the ongoing maintenance, management and development of the site. We look forward to connecting with stakeholders from across the food ecosystem on Kai Central soon!

Check out Kai Central here.

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