Youth – Wellbeing Index

This project aimed to create a tool that can measure the levels of wellbeing among the diverse youth of Tamaki. After the use of the tool, it is hoped that the results give a picture of the enablers and disablers of youth wellbeing in order for effective policies and projects to be put in place in this community. 

This was a collaboration between organisations,

  • 1 x Project Lead (Rākau Tautoko Practitioner Prerna) – 20hrs/week
  • 1 x ADHB employee – 16hrs/week
  • 1 x CAYAD employee – 5hrs/week
  • The Tamaki Youth Council (TYC)

Presentation of the first prototype of the Index and running of the survey tool was demonstrated on the 10th of August for the Youth Wellbeing Summit. 

  • Indicators and domains were discovered by undertaking qualitative (interviews) and quantitative research (literature review). 
  • Theming and analysis of data was done in workshops with the Tāmaki Youth Council. 
  • Domains and factors that impact youth wellbeing in Tamaki were discovered. 
  • A survey tool will now be created considering these domains. 
  • The survey will be given to at least 100 young people in Tamaki to complete with the help of of TYC. 
  • The results of the survey will give somewhat of a picture of what wellbeing for rangatahi looks like in Tamaki.


Timeframe: June 2019 – current

Other Key Organisations involved:

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