The Reclaim Project


Tāmaki WRAP got in touch with Rākau Tautoko in early 2017 to enter into a collaboration around delivering an initiative called Reclaim Tāmaki. The Maungakiekie Tāmaki Local Board provided the funds for this initiative to Tāmaki WRAP to:

  1. Build Tāmaki WRAP experience and capacity in establishing and operating community-led resource recovery initiatives and enterprises.
  2. Develop social and micro enterprises as a means for addressing various social issues within Tāmaki.
  3. Instigate collaboration and partnerships between organisations committed to contributing positively to Tāmaki.

Our collaboration with WRAP has gone from strength to strength over this year and we have thoroughly enjoyed working collectively.

Together, we have created a collective of Waste Based Social Enterprises called The Reclaim Project. We meet monthly and run workshops for our partners to build their capability in managing their individual social enterprises. One of the key outcomes that these partners want to see happen, is access to a physical workshop space that they can collectively call their own. This is one of our key focuses for the remaining of the year. We’re willing to work with anyone in our community to make that happen.

Pop up Workshop spots.pngThe other focus that the collective want to achieve for this year is a series of pop up spaces in our community – how to workshops, repair spots, markets, talks from experience, check ups and greening up.

We’ve worked out a calendar to squeeze in most of these activities and are hoping to get heaps of connections through out the community.

Rākau Tautoko and Tāmaki WRAP would love to continue the collaboration into 2018, and we are currently looking at different options to seek additional funding to do that. We want to:

  1. Be able to build up the collective to create true sustainability by developing mentoring relationship opportunities.
  2. Develop the physical workshop that we are working on currently to hold strong management and governance structures.
  3. Creating a platform for marketing and promotion of the resource recovered products that are being created by our Reclaim Partners.

Watch this space!

Our collaboration is going places!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.09.52 pm

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.10.19 pm


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