HEART Community Connections

Working alongside Nandita, Tara has continued to support the development of The HEART Movement through out 2017. There have been two key projects that Tara has been supporting over this time:

  • Supporting the development of The Change Agents
  • Developing and building the Whānau Agreements into Whānau Conversations

Supporting the development of The Change Agents

The Change Agents are a group of committed volunteers that The HEART Movement support to grow within themselves and their own relationships as role models for others in the community of Tāmaki. The philosophy is that if role models in Tāmaki become Change Agents who aspire to grow healthy relationships in their own circles, then they will inspire others to become Change Agents, and thus the ongoing growth of the community continues. Tara supports this development by providing a space for Change Agents to gather and talk about their growth and development.

Rākau Tautoko fit nicely into this space – as well as Tara, our practitioners Dickie, Ren, Candace and Ty are all Change Agents too!

From August 2017 onwards, The HEART Movement shifted this connection to a set timeframe once a week on Friday nights just before the Pockets of Hope Community Dinner that The HEART Movement runs. This session enables all volunteers of The HEART Movement to gather – the long timers and new comers to the movement. This enables natural tuakana – teina growth between the older Change Agents and new potentials.


Developing Whānau

In the first half of 2017, Tara facilitated a series of workshops through GFIT (Growing Financial Independence in Tāmaki) focusing on Healthy Relationships through the financial literacy message.

Tara also supported the running of a local community BBQ at Torino Reserve, Point England by local community members.


in the second half of 2017, Tara will be running Whānau Conversations in Panmure – creating a friendly space for local whānau to come together and relax.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 12.52.24 am

Timeframe: October 2016 – ongoing

Other Key Organisations involved:

4 Replies to “HEART Community Connections”

  1. All cool stuff. Increasingly I’m aware that the work you do involves a lot of patience because slow and steady development is more sustainable and longer lasting. I wonder how I’ll feel about this on the job! And also, how is that change monitored or measured? For example in the work that HEART does? X

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    1. Yep! A lot of patience. Well, it’s more like unblinking faith that it will be of benefiting the long run. Which comes with years of doing the work and seeing it be of benefit. Measuring success is important to ensure we are doing well. There are different ways – one I’m looking more into is called ‘Results Based Accountability’ – check it out. I’m sure there’ll be stuff online about it. But another more on the ground way is to just have conversations with the others involved and that you’re supporting. One change agent – just one year ago – would frame being a change agent around helping others. Just the other day, she was over heard telling another that it’s about an inner journey of learning about healthy relationships for ourselves first. I could have been knocked down with a feather!

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      1. Lots of stuff online about, ‘Results Based Accountability’. I think this will be important for me in this work so I’m interested in it!! Haha I do love that inner journey, she sounds like you might’ve rubbed off on her haha awesome xxx


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