TIES in 2016

Since the creation of TIES, the community of Tāmaki has asked for opportunities to learn and develop the strategy. This year, Georgie Thompson called a few past TIES team members together to respond to that request.

Georgie Thompson, Tess Liew, Chris Makoare and Tara Moala came together in early 2016 to think about what steps to take to revitalize TIES.



They started by asking the community. Community members that were interested in revitalizing TIES gathered to share their thoughts and ideas in what a TIES Rōpu could look like in 2016. Through those hui, Tara and Tess developed the harakeke model of TIES gathering.

TIES in 2016 diagram.png

The Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) have been supportive of the revitalization of TIES and will be providing seed funding for The TIES Rōpu to develop further in 2017.

In the mean time, Tara has been supporting the Kaitiaki Rōpu to meet monthly and continue their learning through developing a new TIES learning programme called “E Toru Nga Kete”, that the Taumata and Kaitiaki Rōpu are creating together.


A part of that support to Kaitiaki has been getting out to community groups and supporting the development of learning and strategies for positive engagement. Tara was instrumental in facilitating a Memorandum of Understanding between several community groups and TRC in 2016 – using TIES as the foundation for that MOU. This has led to greater consultation and communication for the parties involved.

Tara has also attended several groupings of community members to support any learning opportunities around TIES, consultation and engagement.

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