Mana Rangatahi 2

The Glen Innes Family Centre (GIFC) was approached by The Tamaki Regeneration Company (TRC) to create an initiative to support youth at risk in Tāmaki. Tara offered to support a robust process of developing a programme that included youth voices at the heart and soul of the programme.

Over 2015, a series of incidents in Tāmaki involving our most at risk youth, led local youth workers and community organisations to gather and respond with suggestions for some form of wrap-around support.  TRC decided to fund GIFC to take this concept and create some form of programme to cater to this need in the community.

Tara Moala ran a planning hui with Kathleen Nelson and Lily Tarawa. Kathleen is an experienced GIFC social worker who created the original youth programme called ‘Mana Rangatahi’. Lily is a new GIFC youth social worker. At that hui, it was acknowledged the need to incorporate both theory and practice models in the programme and for youth to be involved in as much development as possible.

Two youth workshops were held with youth from Tāmaki. One group were older at risk youth that had already encountered different government systems. The other group were younger and connected through their involvement in the past Mana Rangatahi programmes.

The report that was written up from these gatherings, detailed what youth in Tāmaki want and need to become supported and well connected to the community of Tāmaki. Tara and Lily developed an ecological framework incorporating key areas of support as requested by youth. The framework was designed to be able to be used in multiple ways; as a review of each session, an analysis over the whole programme, and as a template to create initiatives in the community. Click here to look at the one pager in more detail.


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