Love Food Hate Waste 2023

Love Food Hate Waste is a series of workshops we will be running to teach others how to change habits around food waste and upskill with our budgeting, preparing kai and how to make food last further on a budget.

Some topics we hope to cover in these workshops are:

  • meal planning and kai that can be used for more then one meal,
  • making a shopping list within a budget and avoiding over purchasing,
  • sharing recipes for simple nutritious meals and cooking together,
  • demonstrating how we can use all of the parts of the food, how to easily and safely store these to prevent wastage, freeze and reheat, and recipes to use them.

We are hoping to reach more of our kai sovereignty whānau with these workshops and engage and empower them to grow their knowledge.

Thanks to Auckland Council – Waste Solutions Team for the funding to run these workshops in our local community.

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