The HEART Movement 2023

The HEART Movement is a community-led initiative in Tamaki, East Auckland, which celebrated it’s tenth anniversary in February 2022.

HEART was developed from conversations between community organisations and community members about working to prevent family violence before it happens it happens rather than only responding to violence after it has occurred.

2023 sees The HEART Movement move into a new structure. HEART will continue to be research-led and innovative in the family violence prevention space and as part of this Rakau Tautoko has taken on the challenge of being HEART’s – Research / Design Lead – finding funding to create reporting on the impact the HEART Movement is having on healthy relationships / family violence through this new structure, throughout 2023. This will also include a central person that is weaving all threads of the mahi together and ensuring activities and progress is being recorded – through community storytelling.

On Saturday 1st October 2022, at Ruapōtaka Marae HEART held the community “HEART Wānanga: Looking Forward!”. Approximately 70 people attended over the day.

Some of the fabulous rangatahi – raised in the kaupapa, and the leaders of the future of HEART – lead everyone through the day in the mihi whakatau, which was so poignant.

The event was very fruitful, with some deep questioning from attendees, there was acknowledgement of mamae, lots of beautiful kōrero and of course – amazing kai!

The Taumata o HEART presented their findings from the wānanga to the HEART community – in the form of a plan for 2023. 

The plan is centred around the new HEART process – an innovative way to mobilise our community – in building healthy relationships, and family violence prevention. This was loosely planned before the wānanga by the taumata, and very positively received by attendees. 

If you are interested in reading more the full process document is downloadable here – the HEART Movement 2023.

It is the hope of the Taumata that the impact of the HEART Movement over 2023 will grow to be bigger and better than ever before. “The Process” is designed to be as community driven as possible and HEART will continue to be open to feedback from those Change Agents who honour them with their ideas.

We are excited to join HEART in working to continue the journey of building healthy relationships and preventing family violence in Tāmaki.

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