Social Impact Summit – Kai

In partnership with The Good Fale, and with support from Foundation North, we hosted a space where practitioners and stakeholders from different sectors could connect, collaborate, explore and learn together.

This year, we focused on food security, food sovereignty and the food system. The 3-day summit attracted over 100 practitioners and community workers that showcased, innovated and tested out models for redesigning the food system.

The Summit included panels, speakers, breakout sessions, support for people doing food work and curated food at meal times which showcased innovative, sustainable and rescue food ingredients.

We had 3 days of connecting where 29 stakeholders, funders, innovators and practitioners presented over 8 sessions. We had 149 registrations and 100+ attendees both online and in real life.

The summit created a space to connect and build relationships, a space to showcase projects and innovation and begin a collective story.

Click through to view the full summit report.

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