Hub Zero


Working in partnership with Tāmaki WRAP, we ran a total of 10 x capability building workshops and 11 x community events throughout 2020 – in between each of the lockdowns.

Funding was sourced by the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board who graciously extended our timeframe out to the end of 2020, in recognition of all of the lockdowns we experienced in Auckland.

South Auckland

Early in 2020, Rākau Tautoko pivoted The Hub Zero Project quickly into a strong partnership with All Heart in direct response to the lock downs. This secured a stronger foundation and together we focused on building one core waste based social enterprise. This enterprise focuses on creating a repurposing workshop tackling one of the hardest products to repurpose – MDF Board.

The workshop has successfully created several products and services and by the end of this financial year, has expanded the number of staff and is working on financial independence.

Rākau Tautoko has gifted the project over to All Heart to continue to lead in this space, with full support. We give acknowledgement and thanks to Foundation North for the seed funding to set up this project and support the different pivot’s as we grew.

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