Capability Building Workshops

Nikki has been facilitating community capability building workshops in the Tāmaki Maungakiekie Local Board area to support waste based social enterprise development.
Five workshops have been held in Tamaki covering understanding business models, employment and contracting requirements, waste based community networking, tax requirements, marketing and promotion, building a business collective and taking advantage of the current waste reduction climate.
The presenters of these topics are people running their own businesses and social enterprises, primarily from local areas.  The workshops have allowed local community groups and individuals to increase their knowledge and networks, including visiting entrepreneurs at a social enterprise utilising waste streams.  The remaining five workshops will be delivered online due to COVID-19 and will cover the same topics, allowing people who missed the first round to join.
Timeframe: Sept 2019 – May 2020
Key Organisations:
  • Tāmaki Maungakiekie Local Board

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