Youth – Placemaking

Placemaking is a fundamental tool in creating healthy, connected and thriving urban environments, recognising public space as civic assets that can serve as common meeting grounds and contribute to the creation of healthy, resilient cities that people want to live in.

Panuku Placemaking supports the development programme, focusing on working with local communities in their public spaces, to assist in building places with a sense of identity.

Our placemaking work has involved,

  • 1x key facilitator (Rākau Tautoko practitioner Rosita Sua) with the support of Flipping East

  • Development of a series of placemaking activities that happen throughout Panmure and Mount Wellington, focused primarily on young people participation and their whānau.

  • In Panmure, the main focus for placemaking are activating the town centre, connection and perception of safety within the laneways, the food offering in the mainstreet and connecting to Panmure’s natural features the Maunga and Moana.

Placemaking initiatives are:

  • Place activations to support ongoing change taking place in and around the area

  • Design an ongoing programme to support change of use relating to sites in the area

  • Build relationships to foster ongoing capacity within the community

  • Develop an iterative, Do Learn Do process to test and inform future design


Timeframe: August 2019 – current

Other Key Organisations involved:

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