Community Group Development Workshops

Our Rākau Tautoko facilitators Jo and Tara plus a number of community and external key facilitators ran eight capability workshops through the second half of 2017 in Tamaki Maungakiekie local board area. Participants enjoyed weekly workshops and one on one mentoring.

The following topics were delivered across the workshops;

  • Social Enterprise

  • Financial Literacy

  • Business Planning

  • Volunteering

  • Funding

  • Community Led Development

  • Health and Safety

Connections were made with local groups/organisations to invite them to participate in facilitated workshop style content delivered in two community settings. It involved developing two different deliveries within the Maungakiekie and Tamaki area, with Tamaki wanting the group workshops, whilst Maungakiekie expressing greater interest in the “mentoring” one to one support. This was therefore made possible to be flexible to the different needs of the two community areas, by providing smaller group sessions/one to one support within the Maungakiekie community.

Timeframe: June 2017- December 2017

Other Key Organisations involved:

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