Tāmaki Inclusive Engagement Strategy


“TIES is a principle-based approach to community engagement. It offers a vision and a way of doing things. The vision of TIES is of Tāmaki communities actively participating in decisions affecting their future.”

– TIES Team, 2010

A group of community members came together in 2008 in response to the Tāmaki Transformation Programme (TTP). All leaders in their own right who were well connected to local residents and their stories. They advocated collectively for TTP to take a co-design and co-delivery approach for engaging with the community of Tāmaki.

From there, the TIES Team was created, stories shared about what works well in community engagement and what important lessons have been learnt along the way.

The original TIES Team included:

  • Bob Wakefield
  • Kathryn Scott
  • Georgie Thompson
  • Alfred Ngaro
  • Puamiria Maaka
  • Tara Joe-Moala
  • Mike Ikilei
  • Tess Liew
  • Frances Hancock
  • Bruce Forbes
  • Neil Darragh

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A community publication was written following those conversations by Frances Hancock, in collaboration with The TIES Book Rōpu, and published in 2010

The Book Rōpu included:

  • Frances Hancock
  • Puamiria Maaka
  • Tess Liew
  • Alfred Ngaro

Within this book, there is a wealth of knowledge from the stories, tools, principles and framework. That knowledge is what is being held as a taonga from the community today.

Picture 356.jpg

See also: TIES Redesigned (August 2017)

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