Growing Up In NZ

This work was based on App Creation Co-design. The Codesign Lab approached us to support Growing Up In NZ to co-design an app for their research project. Our part of the project was to work alongside the Growing Up team to learn the process of co-design, and then support engagement with Auckland based participants of …

Supporting the HEART Movement

Mentoring HEART Change Agents to create and run community events in Tāmaki to enable healthy relationships and prevent family violence through local community BBQ’s, relationship workshops & the Mana Wāhine conference that was held online due to the lockdown restrictions. Click through to see the HEART Movement in action on their website and facebook page.

Jobs and Skills Hub Interviews

The beginning of interviews to support a co- design project with Tāmaki Regeneration to understand the success of The Jobs and Skills Hub in Tāmaki. Unfortunately, this project was halted due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Papakura Food Scraps Service

This was started as a co-design project to bring local Papakura community members together to understand what the Council food scrap system is like for the community, and how we could make it better. Unfortunately, this project was halted due to the COVID19 Lockdown.  

Capability Building Workshops

Nikki has been facilitating community capability building workshops in the Tāmaki Maungakiekie Local Board area to support waste based social enterprise development. Five workshops have been held in Tamaki covering understanding business models, employment and contracting requirements, waste based community networking, tax requirements, marketing and promotion, building a business collective and taking advantage of the current …

Youth – Placemaking

Placemaking is a fundamental tool in creating healthy, connected and thriving urban environments, recognising public space as civic assets that can serve as common meeting grounds and contribute to the creation of healthy, resilient cities that people want to live in. Panuku Placemaking supports the development programme, focusing on working with local communities in their …